Ethan Good photo

Ethan Good graduated from the University of Florida in 2015 with a degree in English. Because he thought Shakespeare was boring (and since UF didn’t offer a class on Tolkien), he decided to get his degree by studying film rather than literature. He is familiar with early silent film, Classic Hollywood, German Expressionism, the French New Wave, Film Noir, and New Hollywood, but would much rather talk about why The Lord of the Rings is the greatest film ever made.

He is a self described nerd who spends far too much time thinking about dragons, anticipating the next blockbuster, predicting the Oscars, and playing video games to obsessive 100% completion. He spent a whole Summer getting every achievement in Skyrim, completed the Pokedex in Generation IV, and has done perfect speed runs of every game in the Metroid franchise. His personal best in Super Metroid is 100% in 47mins.

Whenever he isn’t busy watching a film, gaming, blogging, or editing XML files at work, he reads Harry Potter for the 36th time, plays with his pet rainbow boa, and writes self summaries in the third person so they sound less pretentious.


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