Destiny Mega Review – Announcement

Destiny Logo

Image by Bungie LTD. CC BY-NC 2.0

I once saw Destiny described to someone who had never heard of it before. It was the single greatest description of the game I have ever encountered. “Destiny is the result of a sordid affair between Borderlands and World of Warcraft, but since neither parent was mature enough to take care of their child, they left the game on Halo’s doorstep. Then Halo raised the game as its own child until Peter Dinklage showed up and sent the game off to college. That is Destiny.”

You either understand the game perfectly now, or are completely bamboozled. And that’s the mains issue that faced Destiny from the get go. Nobody, not even the developer, Bungie Studios, really knew what it was going to be. Everyone expected the second coming of Halo based solely on hype and pedigree, so when the game debuted to mixed reviews, it was quickly branded the biggest let down since Microsoft fell flat on its face with the XBone. Yet it still commands a massive daily population of players seemingly content to play this less than incredible game for hours on end. Clearly, something else is going on here.

Its time for a new perspective, one tempered by days of accumulated playtime and not based on first impressions. No don’t get me wrong here. This is not the buthurt ravings of a fanboy who worships at the altar of Bungie (I haven’t used that altar since Halo 3). This is the six part Destiny Mega Review detailing all aspects of the game from the *cough* story, to the multiplayer, to its epic first Raid and all things in-between. It will be merciful. It will be brutal. It will be fun. Enjoy.

First up: the design.

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